Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Heidi Chiropractic has the most reassuring, confident and competent way of actually listening to you and your needs. She took great care to reduce my fears, and my lower back and leg pain are gone!"

- Becky C.

"I’m not dizzy! Dr. Heidi Chiropractic helped my vertigo and I am able to roll over in bed without dizziness and nausea!"

- Dan C.

"Dr. Heidi Chiropractic was able to get rid of my headaches that I had for 50 years! My life is great now!"

- Rita H.

“When I first visited Dr. Heidi Chiropractic I could barely walk. The pain in my lower back radiated down my leg causing spasms. I consider myself an “active senior” so I had to seek relief from this pain.

After treatment at the office relieved the pain, I elected to go on a Wellness Program offered by Dr. Heidi Chiropractic so I could improve my health and avoid future issues. Just because the pain is gone doesn’t mean the cause of the pain is corrected. The plan makes Chiropractic care affordable when it is not covered by insurance. It also holds you accountable to keep the pre-set appointments which is important for ongoing improvement.

Over the course of treatment Dr. Heidi Chiropractic has helped with the occasional over use of shoulder, elbow and ankle issues. She treats the whole body, not just the spine.

Each re-check has shown improvement over the previous. Even my most recent shows a huge improvement over the previous only 6 mos ago. The re-check shows you visual proof of your progress.

Thanks to Dr. Heidi Chiropractic I am able to spend quality time with my grandchildren, continue to enjoy gardening and work on projects around the house.

Anyone considering Chiropractic care would be wise to make an appointment with Dr. Heidi Chiropractic to see the difference she can make in your over all health.

Thanks Dr. Heidi Chiropractic!”

- Lori K.

“At 12 years old, I stopped wetting the bed after three months of treatment. This has changed my life!”

- Ryan B.


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