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Gilbert AZ Chiropractic | Sciatica

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Sciatica in Gilbert AZ is due to compression on the Sciatic Nerve. The Sciatic nerve:

  • It is the largest nerve in the human body!
  • It is about the diameter of your thumb.
  • It consists of nerves originating in the lower back or lumbar region.
  • It is responsible for innervating your legs down to your toes!

Importance of the Sciatic Nerve in Gilbert AZ

Every message sent from the brain to your legs, comes down the spinal cord and into your sciatic nerve. In order for you to walk, run, stand in gravity, and sit, messages must flow freely through your Sciatic nerve. More importantly, your Sciatic nerve controls your ability to heal a cut on your knee, and for your immune system to react to anything that comes in contact with that cut, and for blood flow as well! Sciatica is:

  • The irritation of the Sciatic nerve root
  • Causes pain in the thighs, knees, calves, heels, and toes
  • Causes low back pain, sharp and dull.
  • Is not just about the nerve giving you pain!

Sciatica is the name Doctors have given to the symptoms people receive from the irritation or compression of the Sciatic nerve root. Subluxations, disc herniation’s, and Degenerative processes can cause Sciatica. Messages from the brain are reduced nearly 60% in Sciatica cases. This impairs response times, healing time, and ability to sense or feel. The impingement of this nerve can go unnoticed because one cannot always “feel” subluxation. While in other cases, there can be severe pain associated with the interruption of this nerve.

It is easy to understand why, when you look at the sheer size of the Sciatic nerve alone! M.D.’s would prefer you to take a drug or have surgery, but why not just get rid of the problem rather than covering up the symptom. Get the pressure off the nerve naturally, thus freeing the flow of healing messages from the brain and allowing your body to heal! See your Doctor of Chiropractic to remove the subluxations that could be causing the Sciatica.


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